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  1. Tell a story with the style of your invitations, whether it’s a tale of your courtship, your proposal story or key timelines for the special day. Using beautiful typography can make a wonderful keepsake of your love story.
  2. Give each reception table a name that relates to your courtship. Have a tent card on the table with a short explanation i.e. the table name could be Botanical Gardens and the text card would read Our First Date
  3. Surprise guests with a hand written note on each place card to thank them for sharing your day, how much they mean to you or thanking them if they’ve travelled far to be with you.
  4. Don’t like fruit cake? Don’t have it! Choosing and combining your favourite desserts instead or think double choc brownies cake, Macaron cake, Cannoli cake or a homemade cookie bar. The options are endless!
  5. Introducing theme songs aren’t limited to parents or the bride and grooms. Why not introduce each member of your bridal party with their own them song.
  6. Food can be entertainment why not hire an ice cream truck to treat your guests to a special ice cream or sundae after the ceremony or as dessert after the reception! Contact us at kenscones.com.au
  7. Make sure the dance floor is packed by asking invitees to jot down 3 of their favourite songs on the RSVP
  8. As the flower girl and ring bearer walk up the aisle play a special song such as ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ from The Sound of Music…. you’ll be sure to get some smiles
  9. Personalise the bridesmaids bouquets by selecting flowers that pair with the girls birth month and stick to the overall colour scheme i.e. pink roses, pink lilies, pink
  10. Toast the woman who has most impact on your life, then hand her your wedding bouquet as a tribute.
  11. Summer weddings can get warm so why not hire a snow cone machine to refresh your guests after the ceremony. You can even get really naughty and at a splash of alcohol for the adults! Contact us at kenscones.com.au
  12. Order custom labels for wine and water bottles. Check out myownlabels.com and personalwine.com
  13. Offer cookies baked from family recipes and provide recipe cards for guests to take home
  14. Serve a majestic cheese cake out of wheels of double cream brie, camembert and vintage cheddar.
  15. Put your stamp on it Australia Post has a facility for uploading photos or other images onto stamps, so you can stick a pic of yourself or a motif from your wedding onto the envelope and send it off into the world. Go to the Australia Post website for details


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